About Pistol Pete's

Our passion for making the best meat snacks in the world is evident in every aspect of Pistol Pete's Jerky. Each bag made in our partner's beautiful production facility is carefully crafted to represent the ultimate achievement in premium, gourmet jerky.

Pistol Pete's Jerky is made right here in America by Americans; for America!  Pistol Pete's Jerky is also a proud sponsor of The Pete Santilli Show.

Pistol Pete's Jerky is on a mission to deliver 1 million U.S. Constitutions to our fellow Americans. For every order of Pistol Pete's Jerky, we will ship 2 free U.S. Constitutions (autographed by Pete Santilli) - One for your to read from cover-to-cover, and the 2nd for you to give to a friend, family member, or even mail to your elected representatives.